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Port80 creates technology that increases profits and stock availability throughout the grocery, convenience retail and foodservice supply chains

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Hubtill: The wholesale platform that sells

Hubtill is a secure e-commerce platform and suite of web-based applications designed by Port80 for the business-to-business wholesale market. Whether you are a supplier or a retailer, Hubtill software automatically learns about key aspects of your business to achieve its goals of improving in-depot and in-store efficiency, on-shelf availability, stock management, customer service, prices, margins and ultimately your profits.

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Blended Commerce

In the late 1990s Port80 became the first business consultancy in Europe to focus on the emerging field of multichannel retail, blending an understanding of web-enabled technology with knowledge of traditional retail businesses. Identifying real-time knowledge of stock positions, order fulfilment and supply chain connectivity as the main business issues of e-commerce before most retailers even had a website, Port80 now focuses on introducing blended commerce to business-to-business wholesalers.


Mobile Technology

Powerful mobile computers are now used by everyone. From smartphones to tablet computers, wireless mobile devices have flourished in the last few years. Business has been slow to adopt this technology which can be used effectively in demanding work environments. Accessing Port80's platforms over the web, modern low cost mobile devices increase business efficiency and enable new processes to be devised and implemented at a fraction of the cost of traditional technology solutions.


Data Security

Even online systems that appear to be secure sometimes only encrypt data during its journey across the internet. Connecting business and customer information to the internet brings the real risk that sensitive details will one day be compromised. Security breaches cost the UK billions of pounds each year and it isn't only large companies that are targeted. Port80 has taken some of the world's largest firms through the highest Level 1 PCI DSS and ISO27K security compliance. By nature our software is built on principles of security and privacy that few other web companies understand.


Swarm Intelligence

A single ant or honey bee isn’t clever, but their colonies can solve problems unthinkable for the individuals. Without any hierarchical structure, ant colonies respond quickly and effectively to their environment. Hundreds of honey bees can together make criticial and complex decisions about their hive even though each individual has very little intelligence. Port80 researches and innovates algorithms based on the swarm intelligence of the natural world, building software systems that use artificial intelligence to revolutionise many aspects of traditional business-to-business wholesale.

For 20 years we've focused exclusively on e-commerce and web technology projects. The broad range of sectors in which we’ve worked helps us to invent new ways to approach the unique challenges of business-to-business wholesale.

In the 1990s we launched the UK's first business-to-business wholesale e-commerce website and since 2010 we have worked closely with the largest delivered wholesaler to the UK convenience retail market.

Today we are researching the complex ways in which external factors such as new product development, local events and even the weather can impact on the ordering and stock management needs of grocery and convenience retail businesses.

A convenience retail store may stock over 2,500 products. Replenishing the shelves from the stock room is just one of the challenges that our team of software engineers and artificial intelligence experts are investigating.

We are working with data from the UK’s leading manager and distributor of digital FMCG brand content, developing innovative new ways to intelligently search and access vast amounts of product information in real-time.

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