Port80 transforms the world's largest wholesale supply companies into modern engines of the economy

In 2008 we began working with Palmer and Harvey, the UK's largest delivered wholesaler of grocery items, chilled and frozen foods, tobacco and alcohol, and health and home products to a diverse range of retail outlets. Our close relationship has enabled us to apply our knowledge, experience and theories to not only help bring P&H's technology vision to life but also to increase sales to their convenience retail customers and make it faster and easier for them to restock their stores.

Our data-centric approach to business unlocks your goldmines of untapped sales, marketing and operational information and enables you to better serve and understand your customers, to operate more efficiently and to grow sales and profits. We work in partnership with innovative wholesale and supply chain firms who want to use technology to invent better ways to trade.

Start your clock. You can get a late start to data-centricity, but the later you start the less likely you will ever catch up. Port80 is a company of specialists in business process and technology architecture design and implementation in the wholesale market. With extensive experience with clients such as Palmer and Harvey McLane, Alliance UniChem, Unidrug Distribution Group, Boots and others, the technical and business process challenges facing wholesalers are well understood. With this understanding Port80 can not only help to avoid sub-optimal architecture and process decisions, but also provide innovative ideas and systems that are tailored to a client's individual business needs and which enable that client's wholesale customers to trade with it more easily and more profitably.

Port80 also has relevant experience in a number of areas vital to the long-term viability of online business operations. These include security, where Port80 has very extensive experience with some of the leading online operations in the UK, Europe and North America: such as Venda, one of the world's largest managed e-commerce service providers; Three, the telecoms company; Boots, the health and beauty retailer; Guardian newspapers; and more. Port80 can assist with the planning and implementation of security compliance programmes such as PCI-DSS and ISO 27K, but also ensure that systems design and architecture will be secure and compliant into the future. By employing Port80, our clients have access to deeply technical design and implementation experience as well as a cross-business focus and awareness. This engenders a strengthening of inter-department communication and cooperation, leading to an electronic trading strategy that will meet the needs of the business as a whole rather than only one department or function.

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